My vision for Jefferson Parish is one where we can remove all barriers, build the skills and infrastructure of tomorrow, and a municipal government that asks the residents what their priorities are first instead of right before the approval process. Removing all barriers is my personal priority, whether they be physical barriers of unsafe highways that isolate and imperil our young people and elders, or digital barriers such as slow internet speeds that retard economic growth. As manufacturing and the oil and gas industries declines, Jefferson Parish will need to attract businesses and encourage entrepreneurship. We can follow the lead of Lafayette and Chattanooga, which have invested in municipal broadband fiber to the home, not only did that increase tech investment in their cities, it has attracted remote workers, opening employment opportunities for our residents around the world. Our residents know what they need, and they are too often an afterthought in the design and vision of our communities. Collaborating as a community is chaotic, and challenging. There is a school of thought that community decisions should be made by a handful of elected officials, and only brought to the community when absolutely necessary. I disagree, I trust the residents of District 2 to know what’s best for them, and the municipal government should best be used as a platform for their own visions.