Creating a Complete Streets Ordinance to ensure safety and walkability in our communities. This includes crosswalks, protected bike paths, and ADA compliant sidewalks. This would also include the Parish taking responsibility for sidewalks on commercial corridors.

Safe Routes to School. To accompany the Complete Streets Ordinance I would also start a pilot program to start a Safe Routes to School initiative to ensure that there are appropriate crosswalks, sidewalks, and lighting on the paths our students walk to school. This initiative can receive immediate funding from unclaimed grant money offered to our state from the Department of Transportation.

Create a Wage Theft Task Force to meet for six months to develop recommendations for an effective ordinance to combat wage theft. Wage theft includes unpaid overtime, delayed and withheld paychecks, and unpaid payroll taxes. The Task Force would consist of representatives from city departments that issues business licenses, collect business taxes, the Parish Attorney’s office, the District Attorney’s office, JPSO, members from the business community, community-based organizations, workers, and labor unions.

I support a ballot initiative to vote on a minimum wage increase tacked to cost of living increases of the past decade since the last time the federal minimum wage was raised.

I support offering high speed internet (digital fiber to the home) as a utility with exponentially higher speeds and rates cheaper than what’s currently offered by local internet companies. This is to get us at parity with what Lafayette has offered their residents for a decade.