Strengthening our economy for the future

  • Municipal Broadband¬†Slow internet speeds retard economic growth. As manufacturing and the oil and gas industries declines, Jefferson Parish will need to attract businesses and encourage entrepreneurship. We can follow the lead of Lafayette and Chattanooga, which have invested in municipal broadband fiber to the home, not only did that increase tech investment in their cities [citations], it has attracted remote workers, opening employment opportunities for our residents around the world.
  • Legalization Drug abuse is a serious issue, but it should be about public health crisis, not filling our jails.

Supporting Kids and Families

  • Safe Routes to Schools Every student deserves to arrive at school safely, and for many Jefferson Parish students commuting to school means traveling along dangerous roads without adequate¬†Students walking along Jefferson Highway are no safer than I was 18 years ago when I commuted along that route to Riverdale High School.