I am a product of Jefferson Parish public, private, and parochial schools. A New Orleans Heinz 57, both a 7th generation New Orleanian descendant of German and Scots / Irish immigrants, and a 1st generation descendant of a Cuban mother. I was born at Lakeside Hospital, and came home to my Grandmother’s house in 1984. I bought my Grandmother’s house, came back home, and am now starting my family with my wife Emily. The Rey’s are as rooted in Jefferson as our 150 year old oak that has existed in New Orleans as long as my Bavarian ancestors here. Anyone who knows me closely knows that the most influential person in my life is my Grandmother Ella Rita Behlar Rey. We were very close as I spent most summers, holidays, and weekends with her. She was unfailingly kind, and taught me that my generosity and my kindness were my birth right, and that I should never grow cynical from giving. She cared for me until my teens, when she succumbed to Alzheimers. We switched caring roles. My father, and I returned to her home to care for her as her memory faded. Taking care of my Grandmother was transformational for me, she taught me that no matter how capable you are eventually you will need the care of your community and family. My Grandmother had always shown up for our sprawling Catholic family, and her neighbors. In time we showed up for her. I hope to follow in her example, and show up the same way for my family and my community.

Community Organizer:
I have been a community organizer in the LGBT Community for 20 years since I was youth leader of the LGBT Community Center of New Orleans, I have recently stepped down as President after serving for 4 years. I advise businesses, health systems, and schools on best practices, diversity hiring, and retention. Most recently I have delivered trainings and advised Tulane School of Medicine, and Ochsner Health System. I’m a proud civic leader in Old Jefferson, as the IT Officer for the Suburban Terrace Civic Association.

Lights, Camera, Tech
I have worked in film production since 2007 ranging from the production, accounting, casting, and costume departments; joining IATSE the film crew union in 2010. I got my first break when I setup the network for the film American Summer (released as Pool Boy the Movie). After working in the production office for TV shows such as Treme, I moved onto casting working on Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. I eventually found my home in the costume department working on productions such as: The Expendables, Green Lantern, eventually becoming an Ager/Dyer distressing clothes, turning folks into Zombies for movies like Beautiful Creatures and Maze Runner, and TV Shows like Queen Sugar, and American Horror Story: Coven.

I currently run my business Let’s Hatch Media which has built websites for non-profits and small businesses.